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Chicory was first introduced for commercial use in SA in 1895.  Chicory SA is situated in the Alexandria area (Eastern Cape) where the bulk of chicory is produced and is responsible for the supply of both local and international clients.

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Common chicory is a somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the daisy family Asteraceae, usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink. Many varieties are cultivated for salad leaves, chicons, or roots, which are baked, ground and used as a coffee substitute and food additive.

Other Name(s):

Achicoria, Barbe de Capucin, Blue Sailors, Cheveux de Paysans, Chicorée, Chicorée Amère, Chicorée Sauvage, Cichorii Herba, Cichorium intybus, Cichorii Radix, Common Chicory Root, Écoubette, Hendibeh, Herbe à Café, Hinduba, Kasani, Kasni, Racine de Chicorée Commune, Succory, Wild Chicory, Wild Endive, Yeux de Chat.


Health benefits

Chicory root is a source of inulin, a type of prebiotic fibre and powerful antioxidant.

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Caffeine-free beverages are made by roasting, grinding and brewing the roots of the chicory plant.

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Chicory leaves are often eaten like celery, and the roots and leaf buds are boiled and eaten.

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Become a distributor

Chicory SA will provide guidance to farmers who wish to distribute chicory products.

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